Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Coral Sea Island - WIP - 2 Ft x 3 Ft Oil painting
Front View


Side View


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Pastel Portrait


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Butterfly. Pastels on Wallis.


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Saturday, November 10, 2007
Pinup work in progress

Having almost an illustrative quality, and being painted on a small support, this pinup has been a challenge. The image is a total fantasy, so I changed her look a few times, her hair has gone from short to long, and she has undergone some major plastic surgeries as well as glazes all over her body. I used Venetian Turpentine to glaze. It takes about two weeks for the painting to dry and I will try to bring the values up, especially on her legs and her back.


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Friday, November 09, 2007
ARTicles-Monday Color Talk- CMYK Color Wheel intro
(After the wheels dry, the images will be scanned for more accurate reproduction.)

Here's my CMYK wheel using just the three primaries, Cad. Yellow Lemon, Magenta, and Thalo Blue. Notice how "orange" resulting from Yellow and Red is rather subtle. Primaries: Magenta, Yellow, Cyan. Secondaries(result from mixing the Primaries): Indigo=C+M; Red=M+Y; Green=C+Y. Tertiaries(result from mixing a primary and a secondary): Blue=100%C+55%M=Indigo+Cyan. Purple=55%C+100%M=Indigo+Magenta. Rose=100%M+55%Y=Magenta+Red. Orange = 100%Y+55%M=Red+Yellow. Lime=100%Y+55%C=Yellow+Green. Aqua=100%C+55%Y=Cyan+Green.

Real Pigment Color Wheel.

In comparison, I decided to take the ready-made tubed colors and compare them to the above wheel. I left the primaries as they were. As Orange, I used Cad. Orange, and when it reproduced on computer, notice how it has almost pink quality. Beside, is the mixed version

which replicates the Mix-It-Yourself(MIY) color precisely. Red: Cadmium Red. Although a little brighter, the color comes very close. On computer though, it looks darker in value now and the MIY red looks more true to what red should look through a prism. Rose:Scarlet Crimson and beside the mixed version; Purple: Dioxazine Purple and side-by side the mixed version. Wow! Exact match. All colors are also mixed with Lead/cremnitz White at one end, and Ivory Black on the other. Purple, mixed with black, makes a very deep black. Indigo: Ultramarine Blue. Tertiary Blue: Cobalt Blue. Aqua:Turquose Blue. Compare it to the above wheel and it's a precise match! Green: thalo yellow green is too dark for the wheel, more yellow needed. Lime: Yellow Green.


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Monday, November 05, 2007
Yes! I am with the Boundless Gallery
Yes! I have signed up with an online gallery. I love their site. This is me at Boundless! It is super easy to navigate, and you can even "preview" the painting on the wall or sort by color. There are cool features, like "my collections" buttons which allows a user to "bookmark" your favorite art. My website, Angela Leppard's Fine Art at Boundless Gallery (ALFA@Boundless), can be found here: http://alfa.boundlessgallery.com/
What's more, I am now also with a physical gallery/studio. We just opened so there's a lot of work to be done, but it's actually coming along beautifully. I'll keep you posted!

I found Amy Lee's soundtrack Good Enough on You Tube and couldn't help sharing. It's so inspiring it sent shivers down my spine. I would love to paint Amy! Maybe one day I will. Alternatively, I have heard this track on Jay Leno's show with Jerry Seinfeld and I found that the sound quality was MUCH better on the show than on the video. The high notes didn't seem to "dissapear", she didn't hold back, and her voice intensity just seemed to touch my soul.

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Friday, November 02, 2007
Pastel Portrait, 14x17, Flower Girl


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Golden Gate Bridge, 16x20", Oils on canvas

On the photo it's really hard to make out details, unfortunately. This is done in a "painterly" technique, with thick impasto brushstrokes(the paint is raised in high peaks, this is done wet-in-wet manner). The concept behind the picture is romance, so this is an atmosphere I was going for. A friend told me a symbolic story of how one side(of the bridge) represents a woman, and another a man. They are holding hands despite the distance, rainy weather and fog. The painting, of course, stands on its own merit and does not tell a story, as an artist is not a storyteller; however I was inspired by the emotion of the story and this is where it took me.

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Airplane in the Night Sky, 20x16
Airlpane in the Night Sky, 20x16", Oils on a smooth Panel. I was going to add yellow lights on the ground, but we'll see. Right now I like how it is monochromous, and I don't know how introducing yellow will affect the whole picture.
Noteworthy: I have now a couple of people asking me how to buy my art. That's great! The truth is I am not set up for payments(yet) but I am working on it. I have applied for eBay account and their payment system, and once I'm approved with all the paperwork, yes, I will be selling my art in the near future! Obviously I haven't thought about the business part of art, yet, but that's about to change. Tune in! Right now you can "subscribe" to email newsletter(right panel) to receive the latest paintings/blog entries right in your mailbox!(powered by feedblitz, so make sure to mark them as your "approved" senders)

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Thursday, November 01, 2007
Watercolors, Tree Lovers

I don't work in watercolors that often. I do have watercolors, but I use them mostly when I travel or sketch. This one amazes me though. I've found leftover Arches 16x20 paper that I use for my portraits and just went for it. The result, is this concept of the trees trying to reach out to each other - like lovers. You can make out a female figure in one of the trees, and all of the trees have wacky "hands". I have to admit that I love trees, especially the spooky, twisted type. We have lot's of those in front of the De Young museum, and especially after they trim them, it becomes a true Halloween spectacle. Trees look to me like sculptures, still figures of people frozen in motion by some wicked wizard. Maybe also because I am a Fire by Feng Shui, trees feed my fascination, they grow, they reach out, they come from the depth of the earth and end up high in the sky! In this painting they are naked, their "autumn clothes" scattered all around. Very romantic picture, and watercolors are brilliant and luminous.


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Margarita, Oil on canvas

The hummingbird is drinking from Margarita glass. The strawberry margarita remains a focal point as the bird is pointing down with its beak to it and leading the eye toward the center. Celebration, happinness and cheer. Very pleasing composition, and bright scarlet colors make this painting stand out.


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