Friday, November 09, 2007
ARTicles-Monday Color Talk- CMYK Color Wheel intro
(After the wheels dry, the images will be scanned for more accurate reproduction.)

Here's my CMYK wheel using just the three primaries, Cad. Yellow Lemon, Magenta, and Thalo Blue. Notice how "orange" resulting from Yellow and Red is rather subtle. Primaries: Magenta, Yellow, Cyan. Secondaries(result from mixing the Primaries): Indigo=C+M; Red=M+Y; Green=C+Y. Tertiaries(result from mixing a primary and a secondary): Blue=100%C+55%M=Indigo+Cyan. Purple=55%C+100%M=Indigo+Magenta. Rose=100%M+55%Y=Magenta+Red. Orange = 100%Y+55%M=Red+Yellow. Lime=100%Y+55%C=Yellow+Green. Aqua=100%C+55%Y=Cyan+Green.

Real Pigment Color Wheel.

In comparison, I decided to take the ready-made tubed colors and compare them to the above wheel. I left the primaries as they were. As Orange, I used Cad. Orange, and when it reproduced on computer, notice how it has almost pink quality. Beside, is the mixed version

which replicates the Mix-It-Yourself(MIY) color precisely. Red: Cadmium Red. Although a little brighter, the color comes very close. On computer though, it looks darker in value now and the MIY red looks more true to what red should look through a prism. Rose:Scarlet Crimson and beside the mixed version; Purple: Dioxazine Purple and side-by side the mixed version. Wow! Exact match. All colors are also mixed with Lead/cremnitz White at one end, and Ivory Black on the other. Purple, mixed with black, makes a very deep black. Indigo: Ultramarine Blue. Tertiary Blue: Cobalt Blue. Aqua:Turquose Blue. Compare it to the above wheel and it's a precise match! Green: thalo yellow green is too dark for the wheel, more yellow needed. Lime: Yellow Green.


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  • At 8:44 AM, Blogger Thom said…

    just "explode" the colour - don't let the study of it constrain your useage. In other words Don't over-think it.


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