Wednesday, October 01, 2008
"A quick bite" (Apple and grapes) - in acrylics!

I painted this in acrylics on a watercolor paper! I don't do acrylics very often; I really do enjoy the blendability of oils, and even their messiness. But it takes time to paint in oils! In comparison with my previous post's painting, it took me almost 8 hours to paint in oils; and just about an hour - in acrylics! You can see this was fast and spontaneous painting - "a quick bite" at apples and grapes. Acrylics are awesome!!! I have small issues with acrylics though - ones I have are not opaque. They are very, very transparent so it was really hard to get anything dark on. Think layers upon layers and really just working with the paint. Especially those initial layers, they never even looked dark enough, more like the transparent ghosts of the objects. In oils I don't have that struggle, in fact the colors mix way too easily and too permanently - but its harder to layer, b/s the paint is still wet, days or weeks on end. I still have to premix all my colors, though.
Since I started a new job, I have declared a hiatus on planned painting. No more. From now on, I allow myself to paint whenever I want, whatever I want, I "fire at will" :))) We will see what will come out of this spontaniety!


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