Friday, August 25, 2006
Websites of interest
I just found that David's picture was posted on the website. He's at the very bottom of the page, gleaming happily. Hiya David, the Toy Lord!

I discover a wonderful video show(series), called AMAZON FISHBOWL with Bill Maher, where? Why, on's webpage, of course! With surprise(a pleasant one) I find Stephen King's interview, and others, embedded right onto a shopping site. It turns out, this (video affair) was going on for months, from November or so, and it was right there before my eyes all along!
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Run, Froggie, run!

Oh no! Miss Froggie was caught by the paparazzi while shopping. Run, Froggie, run!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Froggie went a courtin'? Or shopping?
Here's a take on a modern Froggie, who goes on her usual a-courtin' and shops as she pleases. It's my second attempt to tame Illustrator and Miss Froggie has been understanding, posing for me for hours while chewing on mosquito larvaes, her favorite power snack.


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Monday, August 21, 2006
David meets Tim Biskup and his daughter!

My husband is always dragging me to these evens, and I don't always keep up: we go and sign something, by someone, forever. This time, we went to see Tim Biskup - he was signing his new Gama-gon toy, but we also brought our Helper and Acid head Dunny, and Dave hang his Gargamels around his neck. Tim was frantically drawing unicorns for his daughter, David's age, which she colored fiercely, and finished faster than Tim could quickly sketch another one. I thought Tim was rather quiet and intro-vertial...maybe, its the effects of fatherhood, or maybe, he's so immersed into his own fantastic worlds. It was the first time I 'd met him, so the first thing I wanted to say to him, when I first saw him , was: "So...Where's Tim Biskup?" There wasn't any aloof air about him, the impression was, here's the nicest , sweetest , (nerdiest?) guy on the block.


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Saturday, August 19, 2006
Me+Wacom tablet=match made in heaven!

Jeez, I've done it. I got a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet, and an Adobe software. Here's my first try with Adobe Illustrator - I started with the outline and learned as I went...the "live paint" didn't work for some reason, so I created another layer and just "painted" in the areas. The biggest question for me remains, of course, how on earth do you fill(a background, for example?). Hopefully, I can figure it out with my next Illustrator sketch, where I'll try to draw "closed paths" rather than loose ones.

Here's a girl drinking martini...and a man in the martini...


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