Tuesday, October 07, 2008
"My Sexy Gums" Song Lots Of Fun!
It's a little fun song I wrote -- you can play it on your guitar and entertain your friends with, especially at our age and time, when 15 year old girls are rushing to become the sexy divas that their dolls are; and in our modern day of artificiality and Botox-for-all.

Some people have sexy chest, now,
Some sexy buns,
Some show off in their black dress, now,
...But, I have sexy gums. Yeah, yeah. I have sexy gums!

They always call me for dinner,
Call me for lunch,
My sexy gums are a killer,
Other girls don't look like much. Yeah, yeah, They don't look like much.

Some people brag with their frame now,
Flattest of tums,
But I'll have none of their game, now,
Cause I have sexy gums. Yeah, yeah. I have sexy gums!

What they ve've got flashing will clock out,
Its not to stay.
My sexy gums are are a knockout,
At the end of the day. Yeah, yeah, At the end of the day.

Some people sway you with high brow,
Wrinkle-free chums,
But I don't have to be shy, now
With my super cute gums. Yeah, yeah, With my sexy gums!


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