Thursday, May 24, 2007

Signs. Look for them in your dreams. Or look for them all around. Or maybe they've been there all along, maybe etched on your skin.
So...This is the last time I took a picture with my digital camera at night(2 in the morning:-)))I am a regular nightcapper)-- it gives you a terrible quality picture, but here it works...almost as if she is sleeping as the candle flickers nearby.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
DVD REVIEW Mastering Portrait Drawing, vol.1 M. bRITTON

I've got the CD today. I ordered it from Michael Britton who is a great instructor. I've never done it this way before so for me it was very different. "I will teach to to draw like a master!" He promises.
Striking the arabesque means striking the outlines first and then, "feeling your way" towards all other facial features which is pretty linear approach to painting. If you're a scientist who also happens to be an artist, this is a great method! Once the features are identified within a "facial map", the rest is just falling into place. Michael talks about how everyone has problems, including him. My face here turned out too wide.(which is easy to correct) One eye was placed slightly lower than the other one. What can I say? Science was not kind to me. It felt strange to " guess the arabesque " -- don't we all start with an oval?.The ears should be held off until the face is completed. Michael likes to be very precise with his guessings: "Everything must be just perfect". One thing I respectfully disagree with, is his claim, that eyes and mouth are not as big as they seem. They might not be big, but I didn't like his look on the model...the model was beautiful, but on the picture she looks like she's trying to stay awake. It's not a crime to draw eyes just a little wider. Anyways, my tutorial (which I had to complete in one breath)was done on a Watercolor paper, which was not designed for Charcoal but worked beautifully for this drawing. Notes: Michael's method didn't grow on me. It got rejected like a foreign tissue after operation. My perception is spatially different from his, it is less about the line, more about the form. I draw a face as a 3 dimensional object, drawing in masses. My method is more intuitive and less scientific...after all, I draw with my heart!

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One of Yan's models

You can see that I am very loose. I only get the general shape of the brows, which is always the best way. I don't like ears, so they are suggested. The hair is done by a special makeup brush I have, I always use it for blond hair with that middle value. This is a model from Yan's Henry book, which was smaller than half a page.


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Sunday, May 20, 2007
Charcoal Series

You are probably wondering where have I been and if I have found Nemo yet. Here's some Charcoal portraits I drew. What I've learned so far: I am not going for realistic. People have cameras for that. I am looking for a style. I am looking to make you appear better looking than you really are. I am looking for a mood. Nathan Fowkes, whose blog I've recently bookmarked, intrigues me. What's truly interesting, is how versatile his art is. He does charcoal, he does watercolors, and then he suddenly surprises me and goes all classic Old Master's! Is there anything he can't do? Nathan if you're ever in San Francisco, or considering an online class, give me a holler!


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Post APE thoughts
I have recently gotten a Charoal how-to book by Yan Henry at the APE, in Oakland. APE surprized me, as the art has gotten so much better there...maybe this has something to do with the rizing costs. Maybe people have refined their art. Maybe there's something in the air. But I definitely enjoyed it. I finally met one of my favorites, Annie Owens! She was very charming, her website, sounds a lot like this site's name, Her art is very cool, with a dark, mysterious theme, and her style is like no other - and yet she has such a sunny personality. In addition, she is the face behind HI FRUCTOSE magazine(along with Attaboy) - currently you can pre-order a Vol.5 here.
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