Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Poems in my Head!
I've got them, and I bet you do too! Here's a song I wrote.......

1. I am a fresh air, I am your surprise.
I burn up in this music until a sunrise.

I am left hungry I am left on fire,
Silence is twirling me around.
Silence preparing, scheming, raising higher and higher,
Ready to make a sound.

2.Fluttering like the flames, like a long bridal gown,
I am left to the winds to cool me down.

And to the rains to mess up my unruly hair,
Longing for more, wanting too much,
I am a meltdown without rules or care,
Anticipating your invisible touch.

3.I am the earth, darker then the iris of your eye,
With the headspinning speed revolving by.

I am dancing on the edge of the highscraper,
Fallen off the edge, way past the edge I fly,
I am not afraid...like a scribble defying its paper -
In excitement, I forget, where's the ground and where's the sky.

4.Beautiful and sharp, like a noble metal,
I swing with the force ever so gentle.

Landing somewhere between the fifth and sixth dimensions,
In an array of colours spashing all around,
Swimming in heavenly light rays, filled with good intentions,
I channel my love to this rhythmic sound.

5.I am the dance, the rhythm - the pulse that you feel,
I am a fantasy brought to life too real.

I knock in your heart, like a dream I wake you,
Playing with billions of platelets in your blood,
In my palm I hold you, I make you, I break you,
I am the Devil, and I am the God...

The music of Love,
This is,
The Music of Love,
Whenever I bleed,
I need, I need,
The Power of Love.


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