Friday, February 22, 2008
A Clown Fish (Oils on canvas, 8x10)

A New Art Project!!! -- it is a New Year, after all!!!
And a New Year for me is a year of daring ventures, it is full of surprises, mischief, and new beginnings. I am shooting for the stars, and maybe I have a particular one in mind -- just watch me, armed with inhuman determination, persistence and solid-as-rock commitment. Commitment -- a scary word, capable of making a grown man cry, running towards the edge of the Earth, perhaps even hiding behind the "brickle bush".

I want to share the beauty of the aquarium( I call it a Piece of the Ocean) with the world - I was talking to a friend recently and realized that most people don't know very much about fish.

"Do fish have sex?" :)

"Do they poop?" (shock!) (and how dare they?):)

"And are they stupid? They are really so small there must not be enough room for the brain?" :)

There is a certain amount of stereotypes, relative to "wives tales". Just like us people, fish are of various intelligence, character, aggression level. There are "loners" - and then there are ones who die if can't have companionship. It's a Whole Mysterious World, only quiet and unheard. Behind that cheerful, glittering color -- is an illusion of Harmony and Peace, Serenity and Dreaminess. You heard me right - an illusion, i.e. how we perceive it, as the truth of the matter is -- There's more Life in the aquarium than we have ever imagined. We just have to look closely. Behind that black furniture decor and a water splattering tranquilly, lies the imitation of the Ocean with it's dark, deep, uncovered secrets, with it's gravity defying powers of self healing and evolution.
In conclusion, I hope you enjoy the painting! And Happy New Year to You, my reader!


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