Thursday, November 01, 2007
Watercolors, Tree Lovers

I don't work in watercolors that often. I do have watercolors, but I use them mostly when I travel or sketch. This one amazes me though. I've found leftover Arches 16x20 paper that I use for my portraits and just went for it. The result, is this concept of the trees trying to reach out to each other - like lovers. You can make out a female figure in one of the trees, and all of the trees have wacky "hands". I have to admit that I love trees, especially the spooky, twisted type. We have lot's of those in front of the De Young museum, and especially after they trim them, it becomes a true Halloween spectacle. Trees look to me like sculptures, still figures of people frozen in motion by some wicked wizard. Maybe also because I am a Fire by Feng Shui, trees feed my fascination, they grow, they reach out, they come from the depth of the earth and end up high in the sky! In this painting they are naked, their "autumn clothes" scattered all around. Very romantic picture, and watercolors are brilliant and luminous.


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