Monday, August 21, 2006
David meets Tim Biskup and his daughter!

My husband is always dragging me to these evens, and I don't always keep up: we go and sign something, by someone, forever. This time, we went to see Tim Biskup - he was signing his new Gama-gon toy, but we also brought our Helper and Acid head Dunny, and Dave hang his Gargamels around his neck. Tim was frantically drawing unicorns for his daughter, David's age, which she colored fiercely, and finished faster than Tim could quickly sketch another one. I thought Tim was rather quiet and intro-vertial...maybe, its the effects of fatherhood, or maybe, he's so immersed into his own fantastic worlds. It was the first time I 'd met him, so the first thing I wanted to say to him, when I first saw him , was: "So...Where's Tim Biskup?" There wasn't any aloof air about him, the impression was, here's the nicest , sweetest , (nerdiest?) guy on the block.


posted by Angel @ 2:10 AM  
  • At 10:34 AM, Blogger S.T. Lewis said…

    Hey, Angel... thanks for all the comments on my blog. I'm glad you liked it. You've got some great stuff here. Keep it coming... give us some flying pigs, maybe.

  • At 1:10 PM, Blogger tusen said…

    I also want to thank you for visiting my blog :)and your nice comments.
    I'm amazed you remember so much of the poem/song.
    Here's the text:

    Lato z ptakami odchodzi,
    wiatr wkręca liście w warkocze.
    Dywanem pokrywa szlaki,
    szkarłaty wiesza na zboczach.
    Przyoblekam myśli w kolory,
    w liści złoto, buków purpurę.
    Palę w ogniu letnie wspomnienia,
    idę wymachując kosturem.

    Idę w góry cieszyć się życiem,
    oddać dłoniom halnego włosy.
    W szelest liści wsłuchać się pragnę,
    w odlatujących ptaków głosy.

    Słony pot czuję w ustach,
    dzień spracowany ucieka.
    Anioł zapala gwiazdy,
    oświetla drogę człowieka.
    Już niedługo rozpalę ogień
    na rozległej górskiej polanie,
    Już niedługo szałas przytulny
    wśród dostojnych buków powstanie.

    The author is J. Rutkowski

  • At 2:32 AM, Blogger Angel said…

    Tusen: I am amazed you KNOW the lyrics??? I've asked so many people and they had no clue. I just love this song.

  • At 11:12 AM, Blogger tusen said…

    Angel, I knew there was such a song and I googled the lyrics :D I'm glad I could help a bit :)
    Where in Poland were you?
    I'm living in Minsk Mazowiecki - a nice little town near Warsaw now, but I come from Zakopane (in the Tatra mountains)

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