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Robert Doak Catalogue
I've gotten the new, updated catalogue from and by Robert Doak!!! I've highlighted my favorite colors. Tell me what you feel when you hear the beautiful and magical names of these delicious colours, and be reminded that we artists are in love with Colour!
Specialty+Rare Colors. 40 ml/140 ml Tubes $$.
Vermilion MS Genuine $34/80; Rose Madder Gen 34/80; Magenta Rose Transparent 18/42; Florentine Lake 18/42; Pyrol Ruby Deep 20/45; Pyrol Ruby Red 20/45; Naples Yellow Gen. 34/80(I probably have this color in every brand!); Lead Tin Yellow Gen. 34/80; Bristol Yellow 16/40; French Ochre Ex. LT. 12/32; Aragon Yellow 15/40; Golden Orange Sienna 16/40; Frangelico Blue 24/59; Cerulean LT 25/65; Alger Blue 24/59; Wellington Blue 24/59; Smalt Blue 25/65; Manganese Blue 34/80; Egyptian Blue 18/42; Egyptian Violet 18/42; Trans.Blue Oxide 18/42; Blue Ochre lt- med -dk 14/35; Mineral Turquose 16/40; Yves Klein Blue 20/55(is this suppose to be the color of the jeans?); Sinopia 14/35; Terra Rosa 12/32; Venetian Red Trans 12/32; Burnt Red Earth med-dk-xdk 14/35; Tuscan Red Trans 12/32; Jasper - dk Sinopia 12/35; Aubergine 14/35; Raw Olive Umber lt-med-dk-xdk 14/35; ; Ceret Green 15/40; Celadon Green Gen. 12/32; Bluegreen oxide 18/42; Verdaccio 12/32; Cad. Brown Dk. 10/30; Trans. Sepia 12/32; Gen. Ivory Black 22/55; Trans.Purple Oxide 12/32; Transparent Black Oxide 10//30; Cobalt Blue Black 12/32; Galena Blk Lead 14/35; Flake White w Leaded Glass 12/27; Flake Transparent 12/27; Flake Blanc Fixe 12/27; Flake+Mica 12/27; Cad. Green Pale 15/35; Cobalt Yellow 18/38; Indian Yellow 12/30; Cad. Primrose XL 15/35; Cad.Lemon 15/35; Cad.Yellow lt-med-dk 15/35(Wow, what a great price), Indian Orange 12/30 (I'm very curious what it looks like?), Azo Burnt Orange 17/38; Pyrol Rose Orange Shade (!!!) 16/38; Baroque Red 16/38; Madder Lake Permanent 15/35; Alizarin Crimson (fugitive color) 10/25; Quina GOld 16.38; Quina Coral 15/35; Quina Red Rose 16/38;Quina Magenta 16/38; Quina Red Violet 15/35; Thio Red VIolet 15/35; Cobalt VIolet 19/40; Carbo Violet 12/30; Trans. Yellow Med. 15/35; Ultramarine blue lt-med-dp 8.50/19; Cobalt Blue 19/42; Cerulean Lt 19/42; Dp 17/38; Cobalt Teal 15/35; Cobalt TUrquose 19/42; Thalo Tuquose 12/30; Thalo Blue Rs+GS 10/25; Milori Blue 12/30; (is this the same as midori?); Indanthrone 16/36; Indigo 12/30; Olive Green 12/30; Azo Green Gold 12/30; Thalo Green 10/25; Veronese Green 15/35; Cobalt Green Dk 15/35; Perm. Green Lt. Dk. 15.35; Chromium Oxide 12/30; Green Earth 12/30; Sap Green 12/30; Ash Green 12/30; Viridian 15.35; Thalo Yellow GTreen 13/32; Emerald Green (for those seascapes!) 15/35; Gold Ochre 10/25; Green Ochre 10/25; Lemon Ochre 12/30; Yellow Ochre 6.50;16; Brown Ochre 10/25; Titanium Yellow 8.50;20; Transparent Yellow Oxide 10/25; Transparent Red Oxide 10/25; Trans. red ox. dp 12/30; Trans. brown Ox 10/25; Trans. Brown Grey 10/25; Trans Pink Grey 10/25; Turkey Umber 12/25; Mauve Umber 12/25; raw Umber 6.50/16; Burnt Umber 6.50/16; Raw sienna 6.50/16; Burnt Sienna 6.50/16; Mars Orange 6.50/16; Mars Red 6.50/16; English Brown 6.50/16; Red Ochre 10/25; Charcoal 8.50/19; Manganese Black 6.50/16; Ivory Black 6.50/16; Mars Black 6.50/16; Adobe Med. - Lt. 12/27; Burnt Red Earth - 12/35; Raw Olive Umber 12/35; Unbleached Titanium 8.50/18; Titanium Zinc 6.50/16; Flake=Titanium 12/27; Flake 1C 12/27; Flake 2S 12/27; Flake Super Pearl 12/27; Flake Lemon Pearl 12/27; Flake Copper Pearl 12/27.
Flake 1C = standard creamy white w alumina stearite;
Flake 2s = Denser consistency; add thix-o-gel for even thicker;
Flake+Mica = Very creamy, refractive, produces a nacreous look; most popular white;
Flake+glass - soft melted wax appearance like the white Rembrandt used for impasto; extend with leaded glass medium; Flake+blanc fixe = Very loose, sticky, stringy, moves easily, stay put for light impasto;
Transparent Flake w Calcite = Spanish white like Valasquez used for translucent effects;
Flake+titanium= Good bodied white for coverage/reducing;
Super Pearl Flake - Very lush creamy white w/ex-high refractive qualities;
Flake Primer - with mica but leaner, flexible, w linseed oil - Pt. $65.
Ask about old world Flemish White.
Naples Yellow = warm, earthy pale yellow, opaque w good body, cont. lead.
Lead Tin Yellow - lighter than N.Y., used by Vermeer, Velazquez, Rembrandt, refractive quality.
Vermillion genuine- some love this color, but it's not my favorite Red and it's not the most brilliant of all reds- Historical Red, brilliant, doesn't gray out, totally permanent.
Rose Madder - Historical beautiful warm translucent rose red, glows internally like no other; Permanent as all Madders.
Florentine lake - a cool transparent burgundy red, a classic for glazing, permanent(like English red); (I am told to avoid all lakes as fugitives)
Frangelico Blue - the truest, brightest of all blues, rich chroma, great for skies, cobalt base-calcined formula;
Alger Blue - a beautiful Azur blue with a greenish cast, clean+glowing undertone;
Wellington blue - missing blue in the modern palette, assimilates asurite in its full purity like Lapis Lazuli with flake white; (must be very light)
Egyptian Blue, Egyptian Violet - reconstructed pigments, brilliant dark transparent reddish blue, with blue violet cast, doesn't gray out.
Smalt Blue - historical blue pigment with a very delicate tonality, a purplish blue, lightfast, high cobalt content;
Transparent Blue Oxide( I just love the word "Oxide"! They should put it in a magic spell-casting book!) A low keyed grayed blue, good for underpainting and glazing.
Blue Ochre - one of my favorite colors - historically used in the 13th century for painting church facades, a cool gray color with a subtle blue green cast!!! A must - have!
Ceret Green (Ceret green...are there poets around? Doesn't that sound like music to your ears?) A soft dark gray green cobalt, no blue or yellow tones, opaque, strong. (Sounds like Davy's Gray, anyone?)
Blue-green Oxide - a wonderful dark blue-green unlike any other green. Examples would be in Titans "the sacrifice of Isaac", many of Dalroix's rich greens. Possibly the best "tube green" of all. (This sounds promising, but I still don't find greens out of the tube any good; you will have to mix them on your own and breathe life into them...)
Sinopia (Sinopia sounds dreamy! I would name my boat Sinopia.) An ancient Roman Earth, transparent cold red, when white is added it produces a pinkish grayed mauve for mid-range flesh colors. (Sounds like Burnt Sienna)
Terra Rosa - a transparent Orange earth with an internal glow. A good compliment to Sinopia.
Bristol Yellow -Missing Yellow in the modern palette, translucent light yellow, very delicate tonality, mixes well, doesn't overpower.
Transparent Sepia - a cold blackish brown, good for glazing and underpainting, with white it has a brown-mauve cast.
Cadmium Brown Dk. - a very dark opaque brown, almost black, with white it becomes grayish.
Adobe - Adobe is made from Flake white, lean tin yellow, raw umber. Great neutral tint.
Call Rober Doak at (718) 237-1210 or (718)237-0146


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