Friday, April 20, 2007
My first go at Pastels

I had a chance recently to get a Rembrandt soft pastel set on a Craigs List for $15, so I decided I had nothing to lose and 60 soft pastels to try. I've been concentrating on portraits recently, so this is a fantasy portrait(not a real person) from my imagination. My first complaint: pastels are messy! If you have decided to make your imminent world a mess free space, and have a long standing war on mess, this medium is not for you! There's dust, dust, dust! I am also tired of blending with my fingers, and charcoal stumps absorb pastels! The blending surface must be soft and non porous, non absorbent. I'm going to have to experiment. For eyes/brows, I used Prismacolor pencils, the rest is all pastels. I am willing to invest into pastel pencils or some hard Fabercastells, so that I can get into the tight spaces, which it seems to me, that the portrait is lacking more layers, but more important, more refinement. But pastels can be a great "fast" medium for me to do a color mapping/studies for my oil paintings.


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