Saturday, March 17, 2007
Color explorations
My art is more about the art, the vision, the passion, and the idea behind the art, then the technicalities which can be really important...but if I focused too much on them, they would drag me down to the level of a crafter, and I tend to think that art is a higher profession, and its all about life discovery and the spiritual. Well, I am right AND wrong here - the medium IS a form in which I clothe my thought. While my own old good color explorations are made out of spontaneous accidents, than a methodic and scientific research you'll find on handprint, occasionally I do bump into highly technical and educational websites, where one can find all sorts of discoveries and loads of very useful info. One of my favorites, is All The Strange Hours and recently, I've added Tad Spurgeon's site . to my bookmarks. So far, I have not settled on any favorite brand of oil colours, I have some Michael Hardings, W&N, Daniel Smiths, Grahams, and although I disagree with the claim "they are very inexpensive for such high quality, pure pigment, whatever, paints", I've recently went ahead with the trend and ordered Robert Doaks, just out of curiosity, from New York's totally unadvertized, off-Internet shop. The cheapest Doak 's oil goes for $10 a 37ml tube, which I do not find cheap at all! Just another sales pitch, "when you are getting the highest quality, price is of no essence", when I can tell you with confidence that each and every brand has their best, thier good and their ugly! While it's exciting to have all the world at your fingertips, having a world of choice at my actual, real, flesh-and-bones feet is coming back to me now! So I just drive to our native Dick Blick's in San Francisco, and still get my 20% off the entire order, minus shipping.(What? Am I an American?)

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