Saturday, August 04, 2007
Pastel Paintings - "Loving Dolphins"

Did I tell you that I fell in love? Only you and the whole world! Pastels have been there for me whenever I was on the go, suddenly inpired, tired, or curious. Unlike Oils, they don't take 6 -8 hours to complete; they are a pleasure to work with; they are pure colour that feels like an extension of my hand; and they always seem to run out on me.(Yikes!) I say "pastel paintings" because you can't call it drawings - the process looks more like sculpting - I lay out a series of masses and shapes, layer them, glaze them, and "sculpt" my creation as if I really felt every grove, bevel, texture and form; I am like a blind person that is touching every inch of surface and recreating it in their mind; sometimes I don't even have to look up at my subject. I will try to cover my technique on another occasion.
Loving Dolphins - I know for sure that dolphins can love; but more than anything they are very playful, interactive creatures who are as happy as can be in their element.(Kind of like me? ;-)) I wish ,my friends, rather than constantly complain, people around would joyfully flip their fins/arms and shared this "I'm the luckiest creature in the world" mood with one another!


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