Sunday, December 23, 2007
Dazzle Rose, WIP

I decided to rename the piece from Decadence Rose to Dazzle Rose. The truth is I don't really know what "decadence" means, other than it sounds very mysterious and ancient. And I do prefer to give a positive, shining attribute to a painting rather than a mysterious darkness...And yet, there's plenty of velvety, seductive darkness in this painting...Oh well! As you know, a painting has a life of it's own - much like a child that you give life to, no matter what you nurture into it, there seems to be a character there, from the very beginning.
I've been asked how do I make the photo's on my website look so good? The answer is: I always take the photo's during the daytime, when it's nice and bright. As you can see, the second(finished) piece has a lot of glare on it, even know NO fill flash was used. That's because the photo was taken after dark, and still I managed to pull it off, by taking my picture at an angle, rather than directly in front of me.
An Update: I've received THE CARDER METHOD DVD this weekend! I am looking at this painting with "new eyes". For I have sinned: I gave in to the temptation to "turn on" the contrast on the painting, and as a result, it is too bright, not enough mid-tone. In the same time, I've tried to capture the mood and to see beyond the obvious, -- from The Painter In Oils by Daniel Burleigh Parkhurst, a student of William Bouguereau,(The Painter in Oil has become one of the most sought after books on technique and the science of painting. Read this rare treasure for FREE at Art Renewal Center: The Painter In Oil)


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