Monday, December 04, 2006
Monday, December 04, 2006

I may be doing something different to this blog, since the format seems so naturally crude, I am hoping for a makover before the New Years. My basic HTML wishes me well, is all I can say. :-)
Speaking of which, why waste space, if both sides of the greeting card can recieve a little attention, right? So I thought. Thanks to ArtPapa's Flemish technique(where are you, spell checker, when I need you???), this rose was born. I was curious about the whole 7 oil layers thing, plus I had inked in all the little details and the outlines. Is it really worth all the trouble, the time, the waiting??? Its definitely a creative process, however, it's really easy to "lose the love" you initially felt for the painting, just because you haven't seen it in weeks!!! Of course, the reason for this maybe, is that I don't have an art studio in Venice, California, and all you can smell in my home is Martha Stewart kinda cooking. Oh well...Let's see: I have 3 layers completed, and I am dreading the "Dead Layer", because, well it simply is that: dead. unholy. ugly.


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