Thursday, March 08, 2007
Hurray for Comicon!
This year's Comicon I was able to attend one day...It was exciting, as always...No Hillary Swank, but I did meet lots of familiar faces(David from Davidsdoodles; Stephen Silver who is going to be teaching here this year, and, of course Raphael Navarro, the father of Sonambulo, who is doing a lot of animation work as well), and then some new faces too(last year, I discovered Michael Gagne, and this year this very peculiar lady caught my eye, and wouldn't let go of it). (Hey! Give me back my eye!) Dark's art is chilling, and she already produced a lot of giclees, to my surprise. We also got to win some plush toys, teeshirts, and of course, i had to try out Wacom's Cintique(sp?) tablet. The screen is really smooth, and it's just like drawing on the computer display with a real pen - only the screen is HUGE, and size really does matter! Everything was at my fingertips! Of course, it comes with a steep pricetag of over $2,000, and I'm saving for a new Fuji S5 Pro as of right now. After the con, we took Rafael out for dinner at Tommy's(yes!I know!On a Saturday night!)Mexican Restaurant, who has the best margaritas in town.


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