Monday, September 18, 2006
Color me pretty...

As most of us women, I am a sucker for pretty words. Without them, there's no way to justify it all. Our sinful living. Our greed. I want to live a spiritual life, but am I on a path to righeousness yet? I don't know. People like to have more money. Because...they like to have more freedom. Money is bad allright. But without freedom, how can we be spiritual? Without freedom, there's more sin, there's no beliefs of your own, there's no will. For some, spirituality is yoga, listening to Mozart, or charity. To me, it's art! And theater. And the pretty words...

So here I go...another victim, fallen into a pit of poetry.
1.Life isn't us people just standing in line
And waiting for some happiness;
Life isn't a fabric of dreams pouring out
On naked free willed consciousness.

2.Life isn't a game where you're planning out
To concur or concurred you'd be;
Life isn't a butterfly flying to light...
Or fire to meet destiny!

3.Life isn't a boat with a captain that sails
Through ocean's most devious storms;
Life isn't a theater stage, where a man's
An actor that acts and performs.

4.Life isn't a jungle with animals wild
Who seek for a pray on their trails;
Life isn't an apple tree that only thrives,
If weather is warm and it rains...

5.Life isn't a shopping spree neither, where sales
Are hurried decisions to make.
Life isn't a journey in strange city, where
Each sudden turn is yours to take.

6.Life isn't a fortune wheel, spinning a fate
In powerful, wind driven hands;
Life isn't a place where history rules
With sacrifice-making demands.

7.Nor life is a court with a quick thinking judge,
For everything goes by the book;
And no, it is not superstitions and signs,
That put every step on a hook.

8.But life is fantastic mosaic of glass,
With speckles that form stories plot,
With myriads of hues, life is Muse, life is Love,
A twister of all that it's not.

OK, the idea for this poetry is a dream that I had when I was really little. I dreamt that as I was walking down the street, all I saw was lines and lines of people, and I was perplexed about what were they waiting for, why these lines were so long, and after some more wondering, I realized that they were "happiness" lines. Now I think because I was little, that was my subconscious understanding, that our meaning in life is in finding some great happiness...


posted by Angel @ 12:00 PM  
  • At 8:28 PM, Blogger michael dailey said…

    very imaginative and great colors

  • At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Though life is a perpetual state of uncertainty, both the abyssal depths of agony and rapturous heights of ecstacy are the duality principle in effect: black cannot exist without white, and vice versa. As an artist you should be keenly aware of the contrast principle (ahem).

    Either case, they say life is all how you choose to respond to it....hence, the myriad of analogies. Here's another one for you: "Life is painting a picture, not doing a sum".

    You have described what life is not, now what is the mirror's reflection?

  • At 10:53 PM, Blogger Angel said…

    And life is a painting, not doing a sum,
    And life is some black and some white,
    And life is a daytime enlightened by sun,
    With moon in the dark of the night.

    And Life is a man's choice, but lack of it too,
    And life if a mission, a path,
    And also a learning curve, Dream that came true
    Unwritten play script’s paragraph.

    And life is a future, with present and past,
    With agony depths of abyss
    Are matching them rapturous ecstasy heights,
    Uncertainty, sometimes Life is.

    And life is a light in the end of the road,
    That iron belief in your heart,
    And life is the vision, it’s brave and it’s broad ,
    Projection of energy, Art.

    Yes, Life is forever, it’s always, it’s now,
    No, Life yet is shorter than breath.
    Or yet has no name, it’s awaiting, maybe,
    A chance to be born, and set free!

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