Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Struck by the Blade

I've been struck by the Blade - the vampire blade, that is, and it comes closer to my heart than I ever thought. I love the new show(about to end its 1st season), and it's easy to indentify myself with the main character Krista, being troubled and wanting immortality, and simply being so, so hungry for life.
David, too, has been in sync with me, reading the vampire filled book called "Hipiro". AHH, the underworld filled with danger and adventure, it is the most magical and enticing world that attracts young and (other)young.;-)
Here's a sketch I did and then quickly "inked" with Illustrator. It's my version of the new "Blade". There're some probs, and it's not the same as a pencil sketch, which has a lot of drama to it, but hopefully, it will look beter in color(Photoshop to the rescue!)
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