Monday, May 22, 2006
Classics reproduction
Let's face it, we've all done our versions of the masterpieces, so I'm just following the rocky path...I 'm fascinated with William Bourguereau's work, I love the colors, I want to uncover the secret of his realistic paintings! OK, here is stage one of the painting called Thieves(?) - obviously, a girl on the painting was of criminal background, but we can 't tell from her innocent, angelic face.

Stage 1.

Stage 2.

Stage 3.
As you can see, I had to perform a little procedure called...brow-ectomy, where the left brow and ear had to be adjusted a little lower. Now , I know this is scary to see someone with such indian colors, but trust me...I have a devine plan...
Also, the way I work this girl is not going to be finished for awhile...I am compelled to add more falling hair from her hand and other modern things, but I am not keeping the (bright) colors.


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